BOTANICALS Fresh Care, the New Hair Care Line from...

BOTANICALS Fresh Care, the New Hair Care Line from l’Oréal Paris

Botanicals Fresh Care for Dry Hair: Hair Balm, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Shampoo

We recently discovered l’Oréal’s latest product launches, and one in particular really stood out: Botanicals Fresh Care. We took just one look at the packaging (100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles!), designed to look like vintage apothecary vials, and we were already feeling inspired!

What exactly is Botanicals Fresh Care?

A new hair care line infused with therapeutic plant oils: safflower seed, coriander seed, geranium and camelina oils.

Every one of these oils is the star ingredient to an entire product line dedicated to a specific type of hair. If your locks are looking fragile and brittle, the coriander seed range is meant for you. If your hair is dull or color-treated, try the geranium line.

With an eye towards the obvious increase in more eco-conscious consumers – buyers who are looking for more raw, high-quality and natural products in their everyday life, l’Oréal matched everything from a more modern approach to their communications strategy (check out their instagram) to transparency in their commitment to sustainable sourcing, materials and packaging.

Does this mean the line is completely “clean”?

While the brand is making a move towards much more environmentally-friendly and health-conscious specifications, they acknowledge that they did not want to diminish the customer’s sensory and olfactory experience. For example: no silicone, no paraben, no artificial dyes – but sulfates do remain to keep a pleasant, foaming texture. For the French cosmetics giant, it’s still an amazing first step in a direction that we love here at Double M magazine, and we can’t wait to see more.

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