Mombini, a Concept Store for kids ( … and for thei...

Mombini, a Concept Store for kids ( … and for their Parents, too)

the coffee corner

Right by the Vaugirard Metro station in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, @Mombini is the kind of cool neighborhood hangout that is as attractive to kids as it is to their parents.

Mombini is a contraction of “Mom” and “Bambini” (child in Italian), which seems like an apt description for one of the most well-designed family store/restaurants of the French capital. It regroups a toy and decoration store, a cafe with a big play area for kids and an upstairs area for both kid and adult workshops.

The lovely and creative couple Dac and Elisa committed a lot of time and energy to set up a meeting place entirely dedicated to families. In the first room: a beautiful store, shelves lined with toys and carefully curated decor for children’s bedrooms, as well as a stationery corner (just so you know, it’s pretty much impossible to leave empty-handed). If you need any help at all, sales specialist and toy expert extraordinaire Shéhérazade guide you in the right direction.

At the back of the store is where you’ll find the café and play area, designed with pleasing Scandinavian furniture and muted color tones. Carla creates delicious and healthy new menus every week, while Maud bakes the most tempting and heavenly desserts (make sure to try the chocolate sesame cookie!). The weekly menu is available on their website.

The concept is simple: Every day for lunch you can choose between a soup, an open-faced sandwich, a vegetarian plate or a kids menu. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal, healthy and everything is made to order.

Left, the soup and the vegetarian plate. Right : the store.

3 Cool Things to know about Mombini :

  • The bathroom is really well designed. Changing table, baby wipes, mini toilets and mini sinks for kids … There’s even a canvas baby swing next to the “adult” toilet, in case you’re alone with your baby and need to go.
  • The various workshops for kids. Workshops to learn how to make pretty toys from recycled objects, how to build legos, imaginative storytime, architecture, yoga, English, music … and also for future moms (baby massages, how to wear your baby …) or just adults in general, like Hatha yoga classes.
  • There are a few different all-inclusive packages to choose from for kids birthday parties on Fridays and Saturdays, when you can rent the second floor out for your little one and his or her friends. (for more details, check out their website)


Mombini, 22 Rue Gerbert, 75015 Paris
Tél : 01 73 70 62 31






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