Sophisticated and Eco-conscious Beauty Brand: Mais...

Sophisticated and Eco-conscious Beauty Brand: Maison Meunier

A luxury cleansing bar, an invigorating coffee scrub, soothing bath salts – all vegan, organic and cruelty free. How could we resist Maison Meunier, the new luxury beauty brand handcrafted in the UK?

Natacha Meunier, founder of luxury skincare and home goods brand Maison Meunier, says she stayed true to her Asian roots by emphasizing the importance of health and harmony in both the body and home, all while creating products that are vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA. She used ingredients that are raw, organic when possible and sustainably-sourced. The brand philosophy is a mix of chic sophistication with a healthy dose of environmental commitment. It’s the kind of approach that we find inspiring here at Double M and I couldn’t wait to find out more.

Natacha’s first collection includes a range of candles, bath salts, charcoal soap, a coffee scrub, a face lotion and a body lotion. Everything is handmade in  Manchester in the UK.

Luxury Charcoal Cleansing Bar


Maison Meunier: Our Crash Test

Luxury Charcoal Cleansing Bar (for face and body)

As a lover of all things pretty, the minimal and elegant aesthetic of the charcoal cleansing bar is particularly tempting. A combination of 7 different oils and butters keeps the skin feeling hydrated despite the strong detoxifying and cleansing effects of charcoal.

The soap carries a light and natural scent, leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. It’s good to remember that a bar of soap is much more environmentally-friendly than liquid soap in a plastic bottle.

Tip: I’ve often been discouraged by bars of soap that were too big and became soft because I couldn’t keep them dry. Now I just cut a smaller piece out of the soap and save the rest for future use.

Monique’s review:
“I could actually feel the charcoal tightening my pores as soon as I lathered it on my skin! The cleansing effect is immediate.”

Monique’s Tip:
“Apply the soap by lathering it onto wet skin through the cotton scrub bag that comes with it to achieve gentle exfoliation.”

“Impétueux” Candle (Cedarwood, Tobacco, Bergamot)

Natacha considers a feeling of well-being and harmony as important in the home as in our body for our overall health. When we realized she had candles in her home collection, we thought we’d try “Impétueux”, Maison Meunier’s take on a tobacco candle. It reveals exquisite notes of tobacco, bergamot, and even spicy jasmin. Vetiver and patchouli add a sensual touch – the scent becomes enveloping and suave.

Monique’s review:

“The warm and earthy scent feels authentic and modern. I particularly appreciate the “clean” composition (vegetable wax and a lead-free cotton wick; paraffin-free and petroleum-free mean the candles are clean burning and biodegradable). I find it essential in a home with children where we want to keep the the air as pure as possible.”

You can find all the products on their e-shop


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