The Caudalie Spa at les Etangs de Corot – A ...

The Caudalie Spa at les Etangs de Corot – A Stone’s Throw away from Paris

Just fifteen minutes away from the center of Paris, the Caudalie Spa of les Etangs de Corot is an oasis for those seeking refuge from the stress of city life. As much as I love my Parisian life, I had been feeling the need to recharge my batteries for quite some time. Maybe you are too?

Les Etangs de Corot, a few miles southwest of Paris, is easily accessible by car or by local train. Nestled in a picture-perfect bucolic landscape, the charming four-star spa and hotel invites you to disconnect. I found it to be the ideal place for a digital and urban detox.

I turned my phone off, left it in my room and promptly forgot it. I went for a walk around the ponds (or “étangs”) named after the impressionist painter Corot, in honor of his work depicting the ponds and the forest, and I could feel the pastoral setting relaxing me already. The rustling sounds of water hens, ducks and cranes surrounded me, a welcome change from the incessant honking and city noises of Paris. After a breath of pure, fresh air and with my mind free of daily worries, I set off for the spa. I walked barefoot across wooden floors to the jacuzzi overlooking the beautiful garden. I stopped by the hammam, hidden behind a large stone wall, before entrusting myself into the capable hands of a Caudalie expert.

My suggestion for total relaxation? The Crushed Cabernet body scrub with essential oils and grape seeds. It is followed by a body wrap made of biodegradable corn and topped off with a Caudalie signature massage. It must be one of the best massages I have ever had (and … not to brag, but as a beauty editor, I’ve tested quite a few!). Total treatment time: 50 minutes.

Spa Vinothérapie Caudalie
01 41 15 37 70

Les Etangs de Corot
55 rue de Versailles

92410 Ville d’Avray

A massage room at the spa

Morgane is from the North East region of France, where she grew up in a heavily German-influenced culture. In her free time, you will likely find her roaming mountains and pine tree forests in Europe or in the US where part of her family lives. She lives on the left bank of Paris now, where she works as a beauty editor for French women’s magazines. She has successfully collaborated with Numéro, Marie France and During her pregnancy, she came to realize that she was ready to adopt a healthier, more slow-life oriented style to welcome her son into the world.